If only they could have just bricked the consoles entirely. How these assjacks manage to feel indignant for being banned is beyond me. If you’re a Pokemon fan, you’ve probably spent the last few weeks hiding out from spoilers online. Pirated copies of the upcoming Sun and Moon games have been floating around the internet for a few weeks now.

  • Classic Nintendo emulators have long been forbidden for iPhone and iPad users.
  • It has an interface based on the PS3 XMB and uses a core system to load games, supports renderes, shaders etc and is easy to set up, you can find a detaild getting started tutorial here.
  • Notably, the high-resolution OpenGL renderer for GBA games, BattleChip Gate support, interframe blending, and much more.
  • This is a major feature release and includes some highly anticipated features.
  • Additionally, it includes over 50 bug fixes and hundreds of other changes.


I have no interest in rated battles or global missions . The absurdity is just hilarious – these types of people really don’t see themselves as having done anything wrong and that they are being bullied by the big corporation they were ripping off. Couldn’t happen to a better group of scumbags. Not sure losing connectivity to the store is the biggest deal because they’re pirating their games, but happy they lose their ability to play online at all.

Gotta catch ’em all is not just the Pokemon tagline; it appears to be the mission statement that The Pokemon Company is using in regards to how they are handling cheaters. The Pokemon Company revealed that they have banned 7,651 people for having altered save data. You will know if you are banned if you receive the error code, when trying to connect online. The significance of altered save data is that it GameCube lets the user leverage modified Pokemon with perfect IV stats.

Pokemon: Ranking Ash’S Companions

Pokémon Sun and Moon is about to launch, but unofficial ROM versions of the game have been floating around online for over a week. Don’t play pirated video games, people, and in case you do occur to get a respectable copy early, play it secure and don’t go surfing early.

Obviously, the easiest way to avoid the ban it to just not download the ROM, and with Pokémon Sun and Moon launching in less than a day, that shouldn’t be tough to do at this point. If you did pirate the game, just make sure not to access any of the online features and you should be fine, though it’s possible Nintendo may find a way to target those players as well.

The Pokemon Company has said that they will not stop their pursuit of cheaters, and this isn’t the first mega ban wave to hit the game. Back in January, 5,954 people were banned from Sun and Moon’s Battle Spot without notice, and the same will befall any cheaters caught from here on.

Nintendo hadn’t taken any action, despite the large amounts of information that’s popped up online from those copies; that is, until today. The ban has split the pirates into those wanting to get around the bans and those who feel a bit of remorse for having pirated the games in the first place. The former group has suggested things like purchasing a new 3DS, taking its information and putting it into the banned 3DS, and then returning the now-useless console.

Some of the more remorseful pirates who were unaffected by the ban have promised to pick up legit copies of the games and may cease their pirating in the future for fear of the Nintendo banhammer. According to Kotaku, players from sites like GBA Temp and 4Chan who have pirated copies of the new Pokémon game have reported being blocked from going online by Nintendo. The ban has even gone as far as preventing these players from buying new titles on the eShop or even redownloading titles that were previously purchased. Many of the pirates are understandably upset that their 3DS handheld consoles are now virtually unusable.