Lack of sleep causes fatigue, and can have a negative impact on your overall health and well-being. Cells from more severely ill people showed the greatest changes, while those from healthy controls showed the lowest. These results suggest hair loss that the assay’s signal strength may reflect disease severity. Sometimes it starts after a person has flu-like symptoms.

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Lose weight if you are overweight, quit smoking, and avoid alcohol. Your doctor may also prescribe a CPAP device, which helps keep your airways open while sleeping.

Most experts recommend about eight glasses per day, but you may need more if you exercise or live or work in a warm environment. If you’re well hydrated, your urine will be clear or pale yellow. We all know water quenches thirst, but did you know a lack of it could make you fatigued?

This can cause fatigue and may be a sign of heart disease. While any liquid will help hydrate you, water is the best option.

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  • Fatigue is the general term used to describe physical and/or mental weariness which extends beyond normal tiredness.
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  • Mental fatigue, which may include sleepiness, concerns a general decrease of attention and ability to perform complex, or even quite simple tasks with customary efficiency.

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First, start drinking more water and fewer caffeinated beverages every day. If you or someone you care about is depressed, seek medical attention.

By the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. You may experience withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly eliminate caffeine entirely, so start slowly.

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Depression may not resolve without treatment, and there are many treatments including therapy and medications that can help resolve symptoms. Being overweight, smoking, and drinking alcohol can all worsen the symptoms of sleep apnea.